Lotto Tickets

Lottery tickets can be purchased from authorised retailers in the country where the game is played. As an alternative, you can choose numbers online from the comfort of your own home and play for the biggest jackpots around the world.

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Jackpot$112 Million
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How To Choose Numbers Online

You can give yourself a chance of winning fantastic prizes on the world’s top lotteries online, regardless of whether or not you live in the country where the game is staged. Rather than buying tickets, you are betting on the outcome of the draw, but the process is similar and very easy.

All you have to do is pick your numbers in the same way as you would if you were buying a ticket. For example, if EuroMillions is your lottery of choice, you still choose five main numbers and two Lucky Stars. You can enter as many lines as you like, and the numbers will be stored in your player account.

All the same prizes are available as they would be if you were buying a ticket, so if you won a jackpot advertised at £20 million you would receive the full amount if there were no other winners.

Reputable operators such as are licensed and regulated by gambling commissions, with insurance policies that guarantee big prizes will always be paid out. They offer a simple, secure and convenient way to enjoy the world’s biggest lotteries.

How works:

Lottery Concierge Services

Anyone lucky enough to land a big prize such as a jackpot is guided through the process of claiming their winnings in person, just like the player from Iraq who pocketed $6.4 million on Oregon Megabucks in August 2015. After the man’s win was confirmed, theLotter arranged for him to fly to the US to be presented with his cheque.

Another player who won big after playing through theLotter was Aura Dominguez Canto of Panama. The 60-year-old landed a $30 million jackpot after opting to take part in Florida Lotto in July 2017. Visit our Concierge Winners page to find out about other players who have gotten lucky by picking their numbers online.

Secure Buying

The lotto ticket payment system is entirely safe and secure for your peace of mind.

Number Generator

When you choose your numbers for a lottery, you will receive a scan of the ticket which will be placed into your online account.

Money Bag

Your winnings will be paid into that account as well.